Just a Girl & her Car

So I recently had to visit the mechanic to get some work done on my vehicle.

My stays there are usually for routine servicing and I would go there on weekdays to avoid the customer traffic however, these appointments fell on two Saturdays.

Boy, it was like entering a parallel universe.

There were a couple of men before me, so I said a polite good morning and headed to my little seating area.

First of all, I am minding my own business on my phone and waiting on my turn.  There would be pauses of silence and these customers would just be staring at me as if I were dancing on the hood of my car or something.


There would also be words thrown about such as 'brain box', 'throttle body', 'chassis' & 'brake pads' so I am learning more & more with each visit.

Then came the weird conversations about persons with their skin hanging, head cut off.  They quickly switched to talking about curried duck & where to go to buy the cheapest duck.

Suddenly a boisterous woman walked in and started up a conversation with the men present.  She was actually a travelling fruit vendor with some produce in the hatch of her wagon.

I set out a few hours later with some watermelon & a better behaved vehicle.


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