Monday, 22 August 2016

Make almost any lipstick shade work for you!

So how many of us made the all too rash decision to buy brightly colored blue, green and yellow lipstick, wear it a couple of times and then didn't know what to do with it?

Ok, hands down folks.

Well, there is a simple, easy way to make those lipsticks reusable again by simple color mixing.

Color mixing is a fairly easy concept that is found in art, home decor and fashion design fields as well as many others.

I rummaged through my lipstick collection and found some which definitely belonged to the 'What was I thinking?' pile.

   1. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 113 lipstick

This photo is not mine

2.  Kleancolor Femme Jewelry box lipstick

This photo is not mine

3.  Nicka K Ultra Slick NFA 28 lipstick

This photo is not mine

4.  Sacha cosmetics Peek -a - Blue lipstick

This photo is not mine

5.  LA Colors Matte Sheer Violet lipstick

This photo is not mine

6.  Ruby Kisses Matte Graylite lipstick

This photo is not mine

The following photo is an example of how some of the brightly colored lipsticks looked on me when I applied them to my lips:


I used a pure red, a pink and two burgundy - like shades of lipstick to mix in order to get new shades.

To see the results, please watch the following video.  It is approximately eighteen minutes long and shows details on lip mixtures as well as hand swatches of the individual shades:

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