Rose gold inspired makeup tutorial ( makeup list and video)

I decided to do a rose gold inspired makeup tutorial since I've been lusting practically over the awesome Pinterest photos of these colored items.  Imagine, rose gold colored makeup brushes, aargh.

So I did a simple, quick makeup look that is easily done with my mostly affordable cosmetics stash.

I listed my products below:

Sacha buttercup setting powder
Heart Love blusher palette
Jordana lipstick
LA Colors lash building mascara
Jordana Cabernet lip pencil
Nicka K HD concealer
LA Girl Smoky
Sacha cream to powder foundation Perfect Spice
LA Girl powder
LA Colors 3 color eyeshadow palette Orchid
Sacha Fix It spray
Jordana brow powder duo

Click  on my short video to see my simple makeup look.  Hope you like it.


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