Review: MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ spray

 I consider myself to be more of a 'drugstore beauty' kind of woman.

So when a good friend suggested this product after I complained to her about my inability to keep a perfectly set made up face after one working day, I was hesitant at first.

It's MAC.

MAC's prices are what I consider to be astronomical.  For the United States resident who may be reading this blog post, I have to multiply any $US MAC price by approximately 6.2 to figure out the price I would pay in Trinidad and Tobago dollars on the MAC website.  Our local MAC store may sell at prices up to 7 or 8 times the $US MAC price.


However, after about 6 months, I decided to take the plunge, buy the Prep and Prime Fix+ product and just use it sparingly.

I was disappointed.

Why? The results were superb.  This meant that I was now hooked on a pricey product.

I also like the easy lock spout so you can be comfortable carrying it around and not having to worry about product spillage.

I use this product sometimes as a primer before I apply makeup, or as a quick spritz after my makeup routine.

It blurs my makeup and makes it softer and slightly dewy.

Before product application

After product application

You can check out this and other MAC products on their website here.


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