Charles Family day

  This was held on Saturday 9th July 2016 at the San Fernando Hill.  

This event takes place every two years.

The day's proceedings started with a prayer by Mr. Louis Gobin.  This was followed by a breakfast of bake, saltfish, tea and coffee.

Then there were a few games and activities where family members got to meet and greet each other.

The different clans:

1.  Uncle Raymond
2.  Uncle Lennard
3.  'Tantie' Louisa
4.  Uncle Matthew
5.  Omega (my grandmother)
6.  Uncle Phillip
7.  Uncle Eli
8.  Uncle Edgeton
9.  Uncle Edward
10.  Uncle Emmanuel
11.  Uncle Louis
12.  Uncle Boyie
13.  Aunt Sylvia

There was a glorious sing along to religious music.

Lunch consisted of buss up shot and curried channa and aloo, goat, curried duck, curried chicken, mango anchar.
Vegetable rice, corn pie, barbecued chicken, green salald, macaroni salad

After lunch, there was a lively game of Senior citizens' Musical Chairs.

There were also bouncy castles, popcorn and cotton candy for the kiddies.

Some family members tried their hand at a couple of dances which included the Electric Slide.


The event closed off around 5pm, when family members milled around saying their goodbyes.


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