Matte lipsticks & January, February 2016 beauty haul!


It's that time again where I show the makeup products that I bought for the month.  However, this haul covers two months - January and February.

I bought most of these items from Wonderful World. 

LA Colors gel like polish.

This polish mimics the shiny gel appearance when applied.  For a brief review, click here

Pikake facial mask.
First thing to figure out, how do ya pronounce THAT word?
Pikake is actually a flower used to make leis in Hawaii.  I haven't yet tried this out, will let readers know how it goes when I do try it.

Jordana lipstick

LA Colors lipstick

LA Girl Velvet bronzer contour stick Goddess.
I like to try new bronzers, they can even be used on the body especially if you are going to a night event.  If you are photographed, your skin takes on a glowy look.
Just don't apply too much.

City Color lip and cheek stain Cherry Pie.
I can see myself using this for some sort of doll type makeup tutorial.

                  LA Girl matte flat finish pigment gloss Bazaar.
           How a gloss can be matte just boggles the mind.  Anyway, you can see this lip swatch in the YouTube video at the top of this post.

City Color Be Matte bronzer Chocolate Truffle

City Color Highlight Trio Collection 1
I must admit that I haven't gotten the hang of highlighting, but practice makes perfect.

City Color baked blush Bronze.

Sacha cosmetics TMI
The scent of this lipstick is as enchanting as the color.  I should be featuring this lipstick and others in an upcoming video.

I still have a backlog of makeup products so I am attempting to film and upload two videos each week.  Also hoping to increase blog posts per week.

Ahhh, the life of a makeup addict!


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