Saturday, 30 January 2016

DIY crafts using toner cartridge packaging?

I enjoy recycling items as well as crafting.

So when I saw some colleagues about to throw away some interesting looking toner cartridge packaging, I decided to save them to create something new.

Items used:

Toner cartridge packaging
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Glitter dust
Spray paint
Multi purpose glue
Poster board
Corrugated cardboard approx. 1 sq ft


 1.  Wrap the poster board over the cardboard and glue the folded edges.

2.  Use spray paint to cover the cartridge packaging. I used 2 coats of spray paint

3.  Apply glue in desired design on cartridge packaging.

4.  Sprinkle glitter dust on the glue while it is still wet.

5.  Use hot glue gun to attach cartridge packaging to poster board covered cardboard.

6.  Stick some fake flowers all in there. Your crafting is done!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Makeup remover wipes review?

We all know what a colossal sin it is to sleep in makeup - it clogs pores and can irritate sensitive skin.
So it is important to get a reliable method of makeup removal.

I tried quite a few makeup wipes and liquid makeup removers, here is a review of the three most recent items that I tried.

1.  Neutrogena deep clean oil - free makeup remover cleansing wipes.

The Neutrogena wipes were moisturizing, however I usually had to use two or more wipes just to take off an average work makeup look.  Three or four would have to be used to take off a 'night out' or tutorial set of makeup. 
This was also the most expensive of the three brands reviewed here.

2.  Perfect Purity facial cleansing and make-up remover towelettes.

Photo courtesy
These were more affordable than the Neutrogena wipes.  The wipes got lathery, something I realized when I placed the wipe under a light stream of water.  I used one wipe on average for light work makeup however they were rather drying. 

3.  Huggies One & Done refreshing wipes.

These are my current wipes (they are obviously baby wipes and not makeup remover wipes). It doesn't dry out my skin and it is thick enough so I can use one wipe.  I will be sticking with this brand for now, since it works well for the price (these Huggies wipes are more affordable than Neutrogena but more expensive than Perfect Purity).

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Carnival makeup with Arista & Sacha eyes, Arista lips!

Products used

Beauty Treats Heart Love blusher palette
Black Opal true color foundation stick Carob
Ruby Kisses 3D face creator
Sacha mattifier face primer
City Color bronzer (Dawn)
Jordana brow powder duo Black
Jordana brow powder duo Medium
Nicka K HD concealer Lion
Nicka K HD concealer Coffee
Sacha compact powder Buttercup
Arista 6 piece eye shadow kit
Beauty Treats eye shadow
Jordana pressed powder Amber
Sacha pure jewels Pure Fire
MAC Prep + Prime Fix+
NYX HD eye shadow base
LA Colors jumbo eye pencil Sea Shells
City Color auto eye pencil Black
Jordana Quickliner lips Raisin
Arista lipstick Matte Sensation
Arista lipstick Matte Pink

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Amara Organics Sapodilla soap review

I finally visited the Blue Basin store at the Cruise Ship Complex a couple months ago.  This store specializes in selling products made in Trinidad and Tobago.
So I was rather pleased to find homemade beauty products such as body scrubs, soaps and creams produced by Amara Organics.
My purchases included Amara's sapodilla soap.

You can see from the photo that the soap is brown, it is also lightly and pleasantly scented.

This soap contains little exfoliating particles, a fact I discovered when I began feverishly scrubbing my stomach.  Ouch.
However I found that it is rather moisturizing and I use it for my face and body.

The only thing that bothers me is its dark brown color.

This item, along with others from the Amara Organics range, is available at select stores which can be found on their facebook page.

PS- Test item on one small area at first if you have sensitive skin.  Do not use if you are allergic to sapodilla.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

RackedTT IV, Chai & sushi?

Date: 29th November, 2015
Venue: Hotel Normandie.

I found out that this RacKedTT event was actually one in a sort of series, which means I kinda missed the first couple of events. 
Better late than never, right?

So anyway, this event was a day long affair, with breakfast and a preview, followed by mingling among the designer displays.  Well, since I found out about this event very late, I didn't attend the breakfast and I arrived in the evening.

Hotel Normandie has always been a cool place to visit for me. I liked visiting 1234 Art gallery and my 6th form Grad ball was held there. 


The RacKed event is a fashion showcase where fashion designers come together to display and sell their creations.  There were also some food and craft items on display.

MONK items on display at hotel.  This was not a part of the RackedTT event.

I spoke to one of the designers there,  Lush Kingdom and had to agree with him when he stated that persons attending this event were more interested and purchased more than at another local event that I choose not to mention.

I am a supporter of buying local, so it was especially heartwarming to see engaging customers at this event.

After the event, I went to one of my favorite places (sanctuary much?)  to have a sip.

 Since I was in the area, why not order some sushi?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My eye shadow collection - before declutter.

New Year, new me.

New Year, old me.

New Year, new makeup!

And so it begins.  This year I hope to get rid of most, if not all the makeup that I bought in the hopes of reviewing.

So I am going to test and review each palette, either in a blog post or YouTube video. 

Finally I will get rid of the palettes that I don't need.

I found that I prefer certain makeup brands such as NYX, Sacha cosmetics and Milani.  Hoping to build up my collection of those and try new, higher end products.

So let's see what this new year brings!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sanitising my eye shadows.

Makeup cleaning should be an important part of every makeup artist's routine.  Everyone remembers to clean their makeup brushes, but how do we get the actual makeup germ-free?

There are some makeup sanitisers available on the market.  I haven't seen any locally so I decided to use rubbing alcohol.  I avoided the wintergreen scented one because I didn't want to chance that scent affecting the eye shadows.


1.  Pour the alcohol into a spray bottle
2.  Spray the alcohol directly onto the makeup.  Make sure the alcohol completely covers the surface.
3.  Leave to dry
4.  Spray the surfaces of the makeup compacts and wipe dry.

This is also helpful for makeup wearers who may repeatedly get the flu or eye infections - you may be re-infecting yourself and not even realize it.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Brasso Seco trip.

 I stumbled upon this facebook event on the 'Brasso Seco Paria TAC' fb page and decided to attend.  I had never been to Brasso Seco (as far as I could remember) so I grabbed my church friend sidekick and off we went.


My daily commute to work includes a long, winding forest road.  However I was definitely not prepared for the Brasso Seco drive.  It was long, the road narrowed at times and there were motorists speeding around corners.  Who could forget the vehicle with the inquisitive men and beer bottles hanging out of the windows.  As I gingerly drove past said vehicle, one of them shouted 'Gyul don't come back up here again eh!'

Ah.  Sweet T and T.

We finally arrived rather late because an earlier incident in the day caused us to leave home a couple hours after the intended time.

There were stalls with items on sale, events for kids and cultural displays.  This event was hosted by the Brasso Seco Paria Tourism Action Committee.  According to the brochure I received, the TAC hosts field trips, provides a Visitor Centre and Brasso Seco boasts of coffee and cacao products that are available at selected stores.  Who knew?

Smoked chicken lunch.

Display of cocoa.

Fireside (?)

This was an informative event.  I am looking forward to attending others like this so I can learn more about my country.