Blogmas5: More decor, Christmas food prep and wrapping presents!


The annual Christmas rush can be compared to a horse race: there is a mad dash from the open gates, lots of dust being kicked up, snorting and sweating until the frenzied animals arrive at the finish line. 

The purchasing of presents, organizing food and meals, cleaning house.  Some may also decide to visit their houses of worship - yes we know Jesus is the reason for the season however we see more Christmas trees than creches.  This will not be a discussion about Christ vs consumerism, allyuh big enough and I am on vacation from teaching.

However we decide to spend the Christmas season, let us be sure to spend with friends, family, alco(?) and good thoughts.  I will be honestly trying my best with the good thoughts thing.

Merry Christmas to all!

West Mall decorations.

West Mall food!

Trincity Mall decorations

New curtains!  I sewed the ones on the right.

This mop was a godsend. Mum discovered it at Home Express.

 Mini Fruitcakes?

Ginger beer prep



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