Blogmas 3 - Pumpkin ponche de creme recipe!

It's sometimes called 'pumpkin ponche de creme' or 'pump de creme'.
Either way, it is simply an eggless version of the Trini Christmas favorite ponche de crème.

My mum introduced me to this eggless version some years back; now I love making this for the Yuletide season.

You can get the pumpkin ponche de crème recipe  here

My Method

I cut up my raw pumpkin into roughly one inch cubes.

I gathered some of my ingredients seen below:

I boiled the pumpkin until tender and left it to cool.

Slapped everything into the blender until everything got smooth

Added ice and said 'Cheers!'

Christmas is almost here!  Stay tuned to see upcoming Blogmas posts!



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