Tuesday, 10 November 2015

FashionFocus magazine launch

Photo courtesy lime.tt


Date:  Thursday 5th November, 2015

Venue: RuSt Street

Time:  8pm

I would have to say that this event was way more relaxed and refreshing than I would have expected.  So I programmed my Waze (because I'm geographically challenged, yo) and headed west.

This was my first time visiting RuSt Street, I found the venue to have a quite laid-back, cozy vibe.   Invitees were welcomed with a beverage on entry.  I decided to have a non-alcoholic drink as I was driving (can you see my halooo).

Proceedings started off with the Mistress of Ceremonies, Leah Marville (who is also the lead model of the magazine). 

FashionFocus founder Michael Christopher expressed the need for stakeholders of the fashon industry to have a 'meeting place' and  the magazine was the idea which originated from this.

Photo courtesy lime.tt

Editor-in-chief Michelle Eng Leang gave a brief speech about recent local events which highlighted violence and discrimination.  She also added that  we needed to come together peacefully as a country.

Photo courtesy lime.tt

There were also performances by Nailah Blackman, Earphan Alves, among others.

Photo courtesy lime.tt

Photo courtesy lime.tt

Attendees were also given goodie bags which included a special edition copy of the FashionFocus magazine & a sample of local hurdler Jehue Gordon's Ambition cologne (which smells delightful).

Photo courtesy lime.tt

The magazine includes some articles on the business of fashion, as well as some local personalities such as Ro'dey, Anya Ayoung-Chee, Robert Young, Jehue Gordon & Lyndi-Anne Koylass.

This event was an enjoyable affair and I am waiting patiently for the magazine's second issue!

Photo courtesy lime.tt

You can check out Lime tt's photos of the event here

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