Easy Sunday

I can certainly remember my days where I had to work on Sundays.

It consisted of wearing a blue uniform and wading through rows of beds and washing machines, searching for scarce strolling shoppers.

A lot of time has passed since then, so my Sundays can now be spent in a more relaxed fashion. 

This is usually how I spend my Sundays:

In a church.  The 'angel' in me used to safely transport me to church every Sunday.  Nowadays, I am darkening those doorways once a month.  That discussion is for a whole other blog post ( or confession, or whatever).

  This church is becoming a favorite of mine because of its proximity to coffee places.

   Grab a hot beverage after service and ponder on the sermon, maybe?

Then I go home, prepare lunch and sometimes head back out.

On this Sunday (a couple of months ago) I paid a visit to an art exhibition.

I also included some photos of two typical church outfits.



 I hope you enjoyed this post.

Happy Sunday and a good week to all!


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