MAC cosmetics 'Wash and dry' collection dupes and makeup tutorial.

This photo is not mine.


A makeup product dupe is essentially a less expensive item which is either close or identical in colour to the item in question.  So when I saw that MAC was launching their summer collection, I thought it would be fun to hunt down some similar shades for a fraction of the price.

We will first have a look at the MAC Green Clean pearlfusion shadow trio.  It features a pale white green, a lime green and a dark khaki.   This is pictured below:

This is not my photo.

The next two photos show my dupes for Green Clean.   These are Malibu Glitz eye shadow Green, L'Oreal HIP matte shadow duo Perky and NYX glam shadow Aurora.


MAC lip colours in this summer collection are featured next.  Tumble dry and steam heat lipsticks are shown below, they are second and third in the photo:

This is not my photo.

My dupes for the aforementioned shades are seen here:
and here:
Left, Rimmel Kate lipstick #113.  Right, Revlon colourstay liquid lipstick Red Zinger.
As an art teacher, I enjoyed this 'colour matching' exercise.  I think I will be doing this more in the future!


  1. the shadows look very close!!

  2. I enjoy finding dupes too. These are pretty close. thanks for sharing and have a great day Danielle.


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