Elf plumping gloss review and March makeup haul!

Blame my massive makeup purchase on the fact that there were a couple of sales and I could NOT say no.

   Don't judge me :p

There were so many products that I had to put them into three categories:  Eyes, Lips, Face with nails.

The eye products are pictured below:

Some of the eye makeup here that I have never tried include Physician's formula, Malibu glitz, Wet & Wild, Ruby kisses.  I can't wait to try them!

The face and nail products can be seen here:

The items that I tried before in this photo are the Jordana nail polish (other shades, not this one) and the green tea mask.  So many products, so little time!

The lip products are shown here:

The EOS lip balm is the second lip item here that I would like to try.  Unfortunately, I have to wait until my current Blistex lip balm is used up. 

I say the second lip item because I  first decided to use and review the Elf plumping gloss.
The plumping glosses are pictured here:

  While making the purchase, I missed the word 'plumping' on the packaging.  I am a dark skinned sister who already has her lip plumping action going on naturally lol.
     I put on the nudish colour for a church service, the gloss held up for two hours.  It was slightly sticky - I usually apply lip balm before gloss to combat this. 
I would recommend these glosses for simple day looks where you don't mind reapplying every couple of hours.  In addition, the nude and pink colours may not be suitable for the dark skinned sisters like myself.

You can also view my past makeup collection video below:

Have you tried Elf's plumping gloss?  What are your views?


  1. Oh wow! so that is a HAUL! so many nice things!
    I don't judge you, because I am the same... well I might not buy all at once, but if I gather everything I buy in a month it wouldn't be less than your haul!

    1. Thanks, I will still try to buy less next month haha.


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