DIY Spring inspired decorated swimsuit tutorial


  Spring has arrived in some parts of the world, while Easter vacation is here for me, an art teacher in sunny old Trinidad and Tobago.  I am usually excited when vacation rolls around, it means I could rest and use my free time for my craft and other creative activities!

I decided to do another tutorial where I decorated a swimsuit to make it look different. 

Here are the tools and materials pictured below:

Materials used:

plastic flowers
fabric glue
a pair of scissors
hot glue gun
glue sticks
plastic leaves.

I started by cutting the stems and leaves from the plastic flowers.  The large plastic flowers were not used because they were attached using wire and I only wanted plastic which would be easier to stick to the swimsuit.

Here are some photos taken while decorating the swimsuit:



                    These are photos of the finished product:

This decorated swimsuit was not made for swimming, of course.  I just enjoy creating and making cute things.

I hope you liked this tutorial,  I thoroughly enjoyed producing this item!


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