DIY Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Monday wear


  Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is an extravagant street parade which occurs every year.  People don colourful costumes and parade the streets for two days before Lent. 
                     In recent years, masqueraders are beginning to wear additional casual outfits instead of their costume on Carnival Monday.  These outfits are called 'Carnival Monday wear' or simply, 'Monday wear'.

                   These Monday wear outfits can also be costly because masqueraders may want a one-of-a-kind design.  So yours truly decided that she would design a very simple and affordable outfit which can be worn while cavorting through the streets.

                       The materials needed to make this Monday wear item are as follows:

A swimsuit in any style that you wish.  You can also decide to have a plain or printed swimsuit.

The other materials and tools are pictured above.  Clockwise from the top: a hot glue gun, beads of different sizes and colours, stringed beads, stringed sequins, coloured gems, lace.
This 'Megabond' glue was also used. 
I placed the swimsuit onto a mannequin and set out to work by gluing the materials to the swimsuit. 
If you would like to see how I made the Monday wear, you can click on this link
Here are some other close-up photos of the finished product:
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