Monday, 3 December 2012

Another attempt at Pop Art

I picked some pod-looking things from a tree in my yard and decided to do a Pop Art version of it.  I used Conte charcoal pencils, coloured pencils and markers.  The finished piece wasn't too bad!

The background colours are very engaging.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Blue house on Green Background

I finished a painting of a house today.  I will go through the steps of this painting:
1) Started with a pencil sketch on canvas board:

2) Added a few washes, spattered blue and topped with a green wash in the background to represent the sky.  Also added dark grey to roof:

3) I began to add blue on the walls of the house. Also added lighter greys, light violet and white to roof:

4) Finished painting.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Unfinished still life and seascape

So I have two paintings that are not yet finished.  The first is called 'Still life with kettles.  First I painted in the background of this piece using earthy colours.  Then I painted in the objects.  When I showed it to a friend who is an art teacher, she told me that the painting looked unfinished so I will add layers of translucent colour on each part of the piece.

The second painting is called 'Fishing boats'.  The background of sea and sky was added first.  Then I added the frothy waves, the sand and the fishing boats.  I put in the piece of the island in the background and I still have to put a lighthouse on the island.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Decorating front and back cover of Guest book

So I had to decorate this item for my family reunion. I used a hard cover artist's sketchbook, different types of paper, glue and other items all pictured here:

First I used gift paper and simply stuck it to the outside of the book's back cover.  I used pinking shears to cut the paper:

Then I started to stick plain white acid-free paper onto the front cover.  I cut out a neon greenish yellow piece which represented grass, as well as brown card and green paper for the trunk and leafy part of the tree:

I also added light blue strips for the sky

Then I rushed off to the bookstore and got a bag of raised foam letters, used it for the book title. Finished front cover:

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Maracas Bay scene

I took a photo of some huts, trees and part of the Lifeguards Headquarters, then did a painting based on that photo. 
I painted the sky in the upper right corner of the page.  Then I added large, broad strokes to represent the mountains in the background.

Next I painted some huts and began to paint trees.

Adding tree parts and details in the foreground.
Working on the lifeguard building.
Finished piece. Just ignore the shadow -_-

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Some drawings from my sketchbook

It has been a bit difficult to continue painting quickly since school reopened, so I decided to show a couple of sketchbook drawings. 
I used the dried leaf above and decided to draw from observation to make some designs which may be used as a motif for a pattern in the future.  The following photos show the drawing steps:

Somehow the drawing reminds me of an illustration for a Carnival costume.
The photo that follows shows a drawing of a Dr Pepper can (that drink tastes good!).
I am hoping to finish the acrylic painting that has been staring back at me from my easel soon.  When I do, I will be sure to upload!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Simple churchyard scene

Took a photo in the yard of St Aidan's Anglican Church in Arouca: wall, lawn and a plant.  I used that photo as reference for this painting.
The wall had some dark areas showing up under the paint so I first painted a dark colour :

Then I  painted the narrow sky area that was visible and started to add more of the true wall colour:
 Next, I added the lawn area.  Painting grass has always been an annoying event for me:
Then I started to work on the plant with the reddish leaves which was in the foreground of the photograph:

Finished painting:
What to say about this painting?  I like the textured effects (wall, grass) however, the veins on the leaves could have been more blended.
Practice makes perfect!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A painting of houseplants

Took a photograph of some houseplants at the side of the house and decided to paint from that photo.  I started by drawing and painting the wall in the background:
Then I started to add lighter hues on the wall, as well as the plants in the background:
 Next, I painted the other houseplants, from the furthest to the nearest:
Finished painting:
Well I have to say that I really surprised myself with this painting, thought it wasn't too bad at all. However, I don't like those three stupid stalks in the background and I think that the painting was rather dark. In addition, that plant in the third plant pot was really starting to annoy me; at one point while I was painting, I muttered under my breath: this m+#$&r c*#t plant. Well anyway, I am finished now and will continue to practise. Yayy me!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Church painting

Did another painting this week, of a church very close to Maracas Bay. Here are some step-by-step photos of how I completed this painting:
Painted the background first, sky and trees.
Then I added more to the 'bushy' areas and the paved courtyard. I left that white rectangle in the lower right hand corner for the front wall by the entrance to the courtyard.
Added some lighter greens to the middle ground.
Added the church and the wall by the entrance to the courtyard.

Finished painting:

So this photo was blurry, still having some issues with the settings on my camera.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Paint, she said. One painting, one craft project.

I am still painting 9" x 12" sized pieces, finished a landscape painting.  This photo shows the sky and mountains...
Finished product...

Um, this painting sooo didn't come out the way I expected, but that is one of the things I like about art - there is no right or wrong ending.

My first Scrapbook!
I took my time on this project - making a scrapbook from the greeting cards that I got over the years - and it is finally done! This is the cover:

Canvas - stretching lime

So I am getting much more painting practice in (because of vacation - yayy me!). My friend and I got together for what I called a 'canvas - stretching lime'.  We got some stretchers, canvas and a staple gun (did I ever mention how much I love to avoid staple guns) and got to work.  I took some photos of what we did that day.

Here are some of the stretchers, there are unmounted pieces in the black plastic bag.

We were taking off an old painted piece of canvas on this stretcher that I had stored at home for ages.  Then my friend realised that there was water damage (mould - eek) on the frame.  I have my past living arrangements to thank for that *rolls eyes*.  That called for an improptu road trip... a big old dumpster where we promptly got rid of that mouldy thing, eww.  I am laughing hysterically in this photo because my friend wasted no time in 'flinging' that old frame into the dumpster.
We beat a hasty retreat, so we could get back to our work.
We unfolded the canvas (I got it for $30TT a yard at a fabric store) and placed the canvas stretcher on top of it.
We had to do a lot of pulling and tugging to pull the canvas tightly and staple it to the edges of the stretcher.  I was screaming bloody murder at this point, our hands and fingers were red and painful from this activity.

This is the front view of one stretched canvas.

Here you can see the front of one and the back of another.  I think this was good work, my friend is a good teacher :). The smaller frame measures 24" x 30", while the larger frame measures 30" x 37", hoping to eventually 'graduate' to painting this size. Excitement - yayy!